Levitch Design Australia is the most highly regarded creative and design focused interior fit-out business nationally. For 30 years, we have been working with the most demanding and discerning leading international healthcare professionals to create seamless practices, efficient and intelligent spaces. We combine both the art and science of healthcare practice design.

We have been the partner of choice for hundreds of doctors, dentist and specialists who place a significant value on the design, which translates into real tangible benefits for all stakeholders – staff, patients and practice owners.

Our business is different because we believe in the combined positive effect that practice planning and presentation has on the well-being of both practitioner and patient.

We spend valuable time and energy on the design phase to ensure that we create an ‘integrated therapeutic practice environment’. Over time, we have established our reputation as creative and innovative leaders in the industry with superior construction management capabilities.

Each practice is custom designed to suit the specific patient demographic, location, size, type of building, budget and most importantly the unique practice personality.

Levitch Design Australia base our design philosophy on a keen understanding of how practitioners work and we combine this with art and science, colour and ergonomics.

We have been instrumental in creating more than 1,300 highly performing practices around Australia and we would like to share this understanding and knowledge with you by making your vision become a reality.