How different personalities see and manage risk differently



The consideration is that a link exists between understanding the system that drives people to make errors and that different people with different personalities react to those systemic drivers.

Individuals will instinctively react within predictable personality tendencies.  And, different people will react differently depending on what those personality tendencies are for them. These reactions can be managed but only if you recognise them.

Our reactive personality tendencies can drive people to overlook the risks or hazards. Individuals that are able to recognise and manage their reactive personality tendencies are better able to move from what feels natural to a state of conscious intent whereby they can get a better result. That could be how they communicate with patients and colleagues, or how they respond to stress, time pressure or high workload.

While the science of human error recognises that most individuals react the same physiologically to external stimuli the new view is that different people with different personality tendencies can react and behave very differently to these same external stimuli.

Based on a person’s reactive tendencies and personality 
styles, the error traps are seen and set in different ways to ourselves and to others. When
 individuals are aware of and manage their tendencies, the ability to see the triggers and 
deal with the traps is significantly increased and therefore significantly reduces the likelihood of an error leading to a bad outcome.

Matt Schlapfer
Human Performance Consultant


Matt has spent the last 8 years working with global high-risk organisations to improve safety systems and improve the performance of individuals and organisations. His industry reach includes mining, tunnelling, oil & gas, petrochemical and medical with site operation experience in more than 25 different countries.

Matt has extensive experience in performing incident analysis, improved communications, intentional leadership framework, delivering Human Performance Improvement systems, implementing corrective action programs, assessing, and educating staff. He brings an implementation mentality to consulting, along with a recognised capability to make the human performance science practically applicable at all levels.

He has successfully consulted for over 50 companies in various fields including, mining, tunnelling, oil & gas, petrochemical and civil construction industries. He consults internationally in over 20 countries.

As someone committed to individual and organisational effectiveness Matt contributes his time consulting with industry regulators such as the International Tunnelling Association. Matt is based in Perth, Western Australia and has a passion for quality education supporting schools and other learning institutions to apply self and team awareness methods proudly improving the
results for both student an teacher.