The Last Great First Antarctica Expedition

Dr Gareth Andrews is a Consultant Anaesthetist at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney.  When not working in the hospital, I spend my time exploring Sydney’s beaches and bushland with my young family.

Dr Richard Stephenson is a Consultant Emergency Physician in Dunedin on New Zealand’s South Island.  He grew up in Yorkshire but moved to New Zealand 10yrs ago to make my home amongst the wild mountains and forests of this amazing country.

Gareth and Richard have a passion of adventure and exploration that spans many years.

They have had the privilege of being involved with several successful expeditions through harsh and unforgiving environments.

Their inspiring stories of overcoming challenges and exploring beautiful, natural wilderness areas give us an insight into why these adventurers continue to pursue their dreams.

They have most recently completed a Full Unsupported South Pole Ski Expedition of 1404km in 66 days in Antarctica.