Rachel Hart

Rachel started her career as a chartered accountant with Ernst & Young before moving into finance roles within healthcare organisations experiencing significant growth. Over the last 20 years Rachel has been working in a variety of commercial roles in the sector, including a medical distribution business and various medical specialty-based organisations. She is proud to be involved in an industry that exists to care for those in need, rather than simply make a profit. She values meaningful, long-term partnerships with suppliers and distributors of medical products and services, especially those which are looking to work differently and in partnership to a more sustainable healthcare system.

At Nexus, Rachel negotiates supplier partnerships and service level agreements with our preferred suppliers which aim to set consistent expectations of service as well as provide pricing benefits.

Rachel also leads ESG for Nexus and is passionate about addressing the level of waste generated by healthcare. Under her guidance, Nexus partners with likeminded suppliers who are critically evaluating the environmental impact of their supply chains or producing reusable or biodegradable alternatives to traditional single use plastics. We can all do better, and Nexus has ambitions to be leading in this area.

As well as being an active member of Day Hospitals Australia, Rachel also sits on the APHA Council and contributes to their Policy and Advocacy Taskforce as well as their Cost Drivera Working Group.