Andrew Sando

Andrew is the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Health Service Alliance (AHSA).  The AHSA’s goal is to support the Not-for-Profit Private health insurers it represents, to access quality and sustainable healthcare services for their members.

AHSA represents 20 plus Not For profit/Member owned Australian Private Health Insurance funds and is involved in negotiating agreements with private hospitals, managing Doctor gap/ known gap programs, collecting and assisting these funds with hospital casemix data reporting and providing general advice and advisory services. The funds combined have nearly 20% of the PHI hospital table market and represent over 2 million Australians.

AHSA also has a rich source of data and data analytical expertise to help its fund achieve their goals. Excitedly the AHSA has brought the Voice of the Patient to Australia which is measuring patient reported outcomes and experiences.

Andrew has had a diverse and unique healthcare experience and enjoys overseeing AHSA’s development within the evolving challenges within the healthcare environment.

Previous to AHSA, Andrew worked in various Senior Management roles for 11 years with Healthscope Ltd including managing several private hospitals.

Andrew has supplemented his healthcare experience with ongoing studies including qualifications from Harvard Business School (Advanced Management Program) and prior to that a Masters of Business Administration to complement his initial degree in Science (Honours).