Dr Sonĵ Hall

Dr Sonĵ Hall GAICD has a career spanning leadership and senior executive positions across government, healthcare, and higher education. Sonĵ has advised heads of government and various Commonwealth and state ministers whilst providing stewardship for strategic health policy.

With a forte for start-ups and change management Sonĵ provides a visionary, tactical and collaborative approach to achieving outcomes. Sonĵ has a clear focus on building cohesive, motivated, and outcome-focused teams and is a proven change agent having sponsored, championed, and delivered large-scale complex projects at a national, state and organisational level. She has held executive responsibility for corporate affairs portfolios encompassing strategic and operational management including quality, risk and performance. She has sound financial acumen, having successfully managed budgets up to $1.1 billion.

Sonĵ is an experienced analyst using data-linkage and big data to answer complex health, economic and regulatory questions. She uses her research knowledge to advocate for evidence-based policy to address community needs whilst maintaining a whole-of-system perspective to the provision of effective, safe, equitable, efficient and ethical health care.