David McDonald


David is a successful leader with the capacity to run complex businesses within highly regulated and competitive markets. He is passionate about both setting up new and transforming existing businesses to be customer-led, simple, and to be fit to deliver growth.

David is the co-founder of The Bridge International and brings over 20 years of experience running operations across a variety of key GM-level strategic and leadership roles. David has delivered key business transformation consulting assignments with many well-known Australian organisations and is also leading a start-up business in the United States.

David believes strongly in the “partner rather than build” philosophy in today’s business landscape. When managed effectively this gives organisations access to the “best of breed” partners and superior skills diversity including sourcing of elite talent.  David also has a wealth of experience in running customer-led organisations with a focus on simplification and delivering on the “moments that matter” in a customer journey.  David’s philosophy is built around co-design with the organisations he works with and he applies a strong focus on the execution and embedment of change.