Arneldo Valedon MD

Arnaldo Valedon, MD is an anaesthesiologist practicing day surgery and perioperative management for twenty six years. He received his bachelor’s degree in Science at Cornell University in 1987, followed by a Doctorate Degree in Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania in 1991. He continued his training in anaesthesiology and critical care medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, with sub-specialty training in paediatric anaesthesia at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

After finishing his training, Dr. Valedon has provided outpatient anaesthesia and perioperative management services almost exclusively. He has served as medical director of three outpatient surgery centres, President of Summit Anaesthesia and Perioperative Management, and Managing Partner and Chief of the Ambulatory Surgery Center Division of First Colonies Anaesthesia Associates. Dr. Valedon currently serves as the Medical Director for Outpatient Perioperative Services and Director of Anaesthesia Services at the WellSpan Health and Surgery Center at WellSpan Health in Pennsylvania, USA

Dr. Valedon is the president-elect for the International Association of Ambulatory Surgery, of which he is currently a member of the General Assembly and Executive Committee. He is also Past President of the Society for Ambulatory Anaesthesia (SAMBA) He has been involved with the American Society of Anaesthesiologists (ASA) as part of the Ambulatory Surgical Care Committee for several years.

He is a Past Chair of the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Healthcare (AAAHC). He is also a board member of Acreditas Global (previously known as AAAHC-International).

Dr. Valedon is the President and CEO of The Knightstone Consulting Group. He has been actively consulting on day surgery and perioperative management in the U.S., Central and South America, India, and the United Kingdom since 2000. He has been an invited speaker at multiple conferences nationally and abroad.