Aramik Tahmasian

In June 2018, Aramik Tahmasian was appointed as General Manager of EBOS Healthcare, the largest and most diverse medical consumable, pharmaceutical and vaccine distributor in Australia. With over 15 years’ experience in commercial, operational and executive roles within the health sector, Aramik now leads an operation with a team of 350+ staff, across 13 locations in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands utilising various sales and distribution platforms reaching healthcare professionals across all institutional healthcare settings, including Day Hospitals.

Recently Aramik has:

  • Completed two acquisitions in Australia that strategically enhance EBOS Healthcare’s market offering
  • Lead the establishment of an electronically integrated distribution solution into Day Hospitals
  • Expanded the warehousing footprint and established a full service 3PL offer to multination manufacturer principals
  • Provided logistical and distribution expertise as part of the industry working group coordinated by Immunisation Coalition of Australia
  • Globally sourced and locally supplied critical PPE products into the Commonwealth Department of Health and New Zealand Ministry of Health.

Aramik holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Macquarie University.